Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Birth Tax

The following is from an Eric Davis for an idea he had for a Warner commercial.

The Birth Tax is the idea that every child born in America today opens her eyes owing Uncle Sam (at this point approximately) $28,000 because of George W. Bush and the Republican Congress. That’s the per capita increment of the Bush era deficit.

I think Warner should push this big time, make it one of his signature issues.

Warner of course worked a Republican-controlled legislature into trimming spending and then raising revenue. Warner eliminated the deficit in Virginia = Warner Eliminated the Birth Tax in Virginia.

Think of a commercial with Warner in a hospital, walking past the window into the nursery:

"When I took over as Governor of Virginia, newborns like these each stood to owe the Commonwealth about 850 dollars over their lifetime, debt that the politicians had piled up. Because of the Republicans in the White House and the Congress, since they took over in 2001, a child born in America today opens her eyes owing Uncle Sam 28 thousand more, counting interest, over her lifetime. That’s a 28 thousand dollar Federal Birth Tax from the Bush Republicans. In Virginia, after I took over we led the legislature on the path of fiscal responsibility. We turned it around and today Virginia has a budget surplus. We can do that for America, too. All of our kids deserve better, a fair shot, the promise of a better future in America. I’m Mark Warner and I approved this message."


At 7:18 AM, Blogger young_activist said...

Yes, the debt is a disaster but, it would take a huge political risk to fix and I just don't think there are enough politicians who care enough to take that risk at this point. It would be far easier to convince the American public that the debt is a problem than to convince a few politicians to take the risk of trying to fix the problem.

Regardless, if the Republicans don't stop worrying about the death tax and start woorying about the birth tax than they are going to destroy the future of our country.


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