Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Warner - I am not running for VP

The NY Times reports Gov. Mark Warner openly questioned Hillary's ability to compete across the entire country. I wouldn't call this the first salvo in the Democratic primary, but as Craig Crawford recently pointed out Warner is only going to be viewed as a potential running mate for Hillary unless he starts to challenge her. (Hattip to PoliticalWire)

But unless one of the newcomers, such as former Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia or Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana, shows some inclination to openly challenge her pre-eminence, it is safe to assume that they are running mates in waiting.

The NY Times article shows Warner in a very confident light.

After saying he had "tremendous respect" for Mrs. Clinton and calling her a "formidable candidate" for national office, Mr. Warner said that Mrs. Clinton was not the presumptive Democratic nominee.

"I think Senator Clinton can be competitive across the country, but I think one of the things we as a party are going to have to do is look at the ideas on how we get the country back on the right track," Mr. Warner said, in an interview on NY1 News last night.

"We need to not simply look at the personality, but look at the ideas," he said. "But I find all across the country there is a real sense that what we as Democrats have to do is not simply be competitive in 16 or 17 states, but actually have candidates that can win all across the country."

I am so glad to hear Gov. Warner making a statement that he isn't in the race to be runner up. Notice how he is appealing to the Netroots by echoing Dean’s comments of being competitive in all parts of the country.

Warner is exactly right to get out there early questioning Hillary viability as a candidate. Best yet, he is the first to say what most Democrats know.

Many Democrats seem to forget that even in our beloved Bubba's re-election in 1996 that he didn't get 50% (49.2) of the vote. But he did at least win 4 southern states. Democrats can't win the Presidential election with peeling off a couple of southern states. We simply have to make the Republicans defend their base with resources and money.

So what southern state does Hillary bring into the Democratic fold?

And I love Warner's feistiness in later comments. I’m very glad to see he really showing this type of passion.

Later, he added, "Simply having anger at Bush or his administration isn't going to get us there."

Many Democrats, particularly in New York, view Mrs. Clinton as the leading contender for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2008. Some have painted Mr. Warner and other potential nominees as the alternative to Mrs. Clinton, and in the interview Mr. Warner bristled at such a suggestion. "You folks in the press are trying to find a quick sound bite to describe me," he said. "I'm not an alternative to anybody."


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