Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Gov. Warner's Mapchangers

It shows Warner is really taking the Internet seriously. Jerome Armstrong's Internet team at Forward Together PAC has come up with a strong program to keep Warner's name out there. The idea is simple: the Netroots can go on-line and nominate a candidate for either a congressional race or state wide race. Candidates in the top-ten will get a contribution from Warner's FT PAC. Then one finalist will get a fundraiser with Governor Warner and probably well financed by Warner's donors. Heck, who doesn't love to give away other people's money.

The benefits for Warner are obvious, he shows that he is out there fighting for Democratic candidates in red districts, and he builds a sizable chuck of e-mail addresses for his Presidential run.

I have forwarded this onto hundreds of people supporting either John Pavich and Dan Seals here in Illinois. It would be great to see either one of them get nominated, and get the national attention. After all, any political reporter worth their salt, is keeping close tabs on Warner at this point.

Go vote for your favorite and forward it on.


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