Tuesday, February 07, 2006

National Review Starts Monthly Column to Bash Warner

Last month, I posted to two National Review articles by Jim Geraghty and John Miller. Each article used a diferent line of attack versus Gov. Warner. Well if Warner suporters did not have confirmation of a substained attack before, a new National Review article by Peter Ferrara proves yes indeed, it is true. The main Republican magazine National Review is so scared shitless they have instituted a monthly attack column dedicated to a Southern governor who is unannounced for the Presidency a full three years out. How flattering it is!

Now to make it even better... This month's addition is penned by Peter Ferrara, a well-known Renta-Columnist. He just recently finished feeding his family by writing Op-Ed pieces for none other than Jack Abramoff. Does Renta-Columnist Ferrara have any regrets? Not in a recent Business Week article...

Peter Ferrara, a senior policy adviser at the conservative Institute for Policy Innovation, says he, too, took money from Abramoff to write op-ed pieces boosting the lobbyist's clients. "I do that all the time," Ferrara says. "I've done that in the past, and I'll do it in the future."

Ferrara, who has been an influential conservative voice on Social Security reform, among other issues, says he doesn't see a conflict of interest in taking undisclosed money to write op-ed pieces because his columns never violated his ideological principles.

"It's a matter of general support," Ferrara says. "These are my views, and if you want to support them, then that's good." But he adds that at some point over the years, Abramoff stopped working with him: "Jack lost interest in me and felt he had other writers who were writing in more prominent publications," Ferrara says.

Ferrara began working at the Institute for Policy Innovation after the period during which he wrote the op-ed pieces for Abramoff. Earlier, he worked at the activist anti-tax organization Americans for Tax Reform.

Ferrara wouldn't say which publications have published pieces for which Abramoff paid him. But a review of his work shows that he wrote articles for The Washington Times that were favorable to the Choctaw Indians and the Mariana Islands. He also wrote a 1998 book called The Choctaw Revolution: Lessons for Federal Indian Policy. Ferrara says the tribe paid him directly for his work on the book, which was published by the Americans for Tax Reform Foundation and is still available for sale on Amazon.com. Read entire article.

Peter Ferrara’s guest column called "The Virginia Miracle? Puh-lease!" ended up being the exactly the kind of lies and distortions Ferrara used against Warner when he was head of the Virginia Club for Growth. Matter of fact, whomever paid him to write the National Review piece should ask for their money back since it looks a lot like an earlier piece he wrote for the VCG.

In 2005, Ferrara and the Club for Big Money went after 15 Senate Republicans and the 19 Republican Delegates they wanted to defeat in 2005. These were Republicans who in seeing the crushing budget deficits partnered with Warner to cut spending and raise taxes (called being responsible). So did Virginia voters side with Ferrara in 2005 and punish the "bad" Republicans that the Club for Big Money was targetting?

A resounding NO. Virginia voters returned all Club for Growth targets back to office, ignored Ferrara's distortions and "to boot" elected a Warner protégé. I believe the American people will do the same.

Hmmm... His picture is intriguing. Given Ferrara's dealing with Abramoff and gambling, does anyone know if he got scalped?


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