Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Case Study #1 on the Democratic Washington Consultants

The only times Democrats elect a President is when they clash with their own pundrity of Washington based Democratic consultants and nominate a Clinton or Carter.

The following article just shows how "out of touch of" our losing group of Democratic consultants are about what elects a President.

Ron Goldstein is a perfect example of "in the bubble" thinking our Washington Democratic consultants have boxed themselves (and us) into. Goldstein who does events and media for a living writes Joe Biden is the Democrats best shot to win the Presidency. Yep, you heard it right, Joe Biden. And why?

1) Biden has held public office far longer than any of the new crop of possible presidential candidates
2) He is influential member and former chairman of both the Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees
3) He’s not a bad-looking guy, and his performances seem real, not wooden like those of the last two Democratic nominees
4) Unlike Howard Dean, his outrage and passion is controlled, not manic.
5) As for geography, how about Delaware? It may be small, but it is a state stuck smack in the mid-Atlantic area, a gateway between the Northeast with its great metropolitan areas and the critical Southeast
Read entire article.

So Delaware has now become the "Gateway to the South?" Ha-ha. Since when is being a Washington insider helpful?

The winner of the Democratic nomination in 2008 will need to be a Washington outsider in order to win in the fall. Vilsack, Richardson, Warner and to some degree Feingold fit the bill. Our Democratic chattering classes still don't get it.


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