Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Campaign Starts Now

The USA today has an article called "White House hopefuls, activists are stirring" pointed to the rise of activity already occuring this early for the 2008 election. One of the primary issues Warner will have to face is the day the horde of Senators roll over their federal campaign war chests with millions of dollars into their presidential campaigns.

Clinton has raised $33.3 million for her 2006 Senate race. Todd says that puts her on track to reach $70 million to $100 million by November. Because congressional candidates are allowed to transfer money to White House bids, Todd estimates Clinton could start her presidential run with an instant $50 million.

When Kerry used $3 million from his 2002 Senate race to run for president, that was considered impressive, Todd says. "Now (Indiana Sen.) Evan Bayh is going to carry over $10 million, and everybody's going to say, 'It ain't $50 million.'"

This puts Warner in a position of having to jump out early and start taking "lumps" while the Senators raise money for their presidential runs while just "exploring" a bid.

The article also makes mention of one of Warner's best laugh lines.

Everyone is trying out well-worn material before new audiences. Then-Virginia governor Mark Warner drew laughs and praise for his response to a ringing cellphone during a speech in November to New Hampshire Democrats. He told them, as he has told hundreds of groups for years, that he was a founder of cellular technology and when he hears a cellphone ring, "I just think ka-ching, ka-ching."

Within the article, they also have a slide show of potential candidates. Warner's bio reads as follows:

Former Virginia Governor


Personal: Millionaire cellphone entrepreneur won rural votes by promising jobs and gun rights.

Assets: Overwhelmingly popular in his red state--- even after raising taxes

Questions: Can business and political success offset lack of national security experience?


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