Thursday, February 02, 2006

Atlantic Monthly Party-Goers Like Warner

Ben Smith of the NY Observer has a blog stating at a New York elite party, Warner and McCain were the favorites to win their party's nominations.

At the Atlantic Monthly's State of the Union party Tuesday night, Jim Fallows conducted a little presidential poll of the roughly 60-member audience, a kind of money-media-power elite blend.

The question: "Who is the likely Democratic nominee for President?"

To my correspondent's surprise, 32% picked Mark Warner; only 25% said Hillary Rodham Clinton. (More evidence of Clinton political brilliance! It was, after all, getting to be about time to shed that "frontrunner" albatross.)

On the Republican side, a full 62% (a number that no doubt included Georgette Mosbacher, who was in the audience) said John McCain will be the GOP nominee. See post.

I wouldn't make too much of Clinton positioning to make Warner the front-runner. If these folks are non-Hollywood media or high tech types, they are Warner's base. He has a lot of friends in those industries. I would presume from his days building up the communications telecom company NEXTEL.


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