Wednesday, February 01, 2006

All of Y'all

You got to give it to Warner, he knows how to work with the not so bright bulbs out there. The Tidewater's WAVY-TV has an article called Mark Warner, Allen Double-Team for College R&D Funds. Seems Warner joined Kaine and Allen in NOVA land to push for research and development money.

Allen, governor from 1994 to 1998, effusively praised Warner's unprecedented proposed outlay for research and development as long overdue and timely.

"Now the budget proposals before all of y'all in the General Assembly, I think it's going to help leverage literally millions and millions of dollars from the federal government," Allen said.

Now I am a Southern boy who uses y'all quite liberally, but what the heck is "all of y'all?" All, I know. Y'all, I know. I have even heard of good old boys in the deep south say "all y'all, come here." But "All of y'all?"

"All of y'all" sounds to me like a patronizing Yankee trying to "hick it up good." Where is Allen from anyway?

The ironic part is that Allen now wants to spend the tax surplus in Virginia on research and development. However, he opposed the tax restructuring in Virginia by Warner that created the surplus. Well I don't know anyone who has accused Allen of being bright, since he has just kinda ambled along in life on his father's name. Especially humorous how a "small government" conservative is so excited about getting not just millions in federal government money, but "literally millions and millions of dollars." Hat tip to for NY Times article below.

"Wall Street may be intensely interested in just about every word ever uttered by" incoming Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, "but in Washington, he is barely on some people's radar screens," the New York Times reports. The Fed chairman is typcially considered the most powerful unelected post in the government.

When asked for his opinion on Bernanke's nomination, all Sen. George Allen (R-VA) could muster was the response, "For what?"

"Told that Mr. Bernanke was up for the Fed chairman's job, Mr. Allen hedged a little, said he had not been focused on it, and wondered aloud when the hearings would be. Told that the Senate Banking Committee hearings had concluded in November, the senator responded: 'You mean I missed them all? I paid no attention to them.'" See entire article.


At 2:09 PM, Blogger Nuada79 said...

So...we have Bush redux?

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Daniel Dennison said...

Yeah, light intelligence, posing as a man of the people, and using his father's accomplishments to get him into public life. Can't believe he wouldn't win the GOP nomination with that bio...


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