Sunday, January 08, 2006

Warner Legacy Articles

(Hat tip to the Forward Together blog)

Four great articles about Warner's legacy each worth reading the entire text.

"Strong finisher" by Michael Sluss of the The Roanoke Times:

Mark Warner got off to a rocky start in Richmond, but leaves office on a roll with his ties to rural Virginia stronger than ever. Read entire article.

"Notable term for Gov. Warner" By Chelyen Davis of the Free Lance-Star:

Strong finish for a governor who began his administration with a shaky start, under difficult circumstances. Read entire article.

"Mark Warner's rising stock" by staff on The Roanoke Times gives a time-line of Warner's governorship.

Jan. 12: Warner sworn in as 69th governor. He vows to launch "a little revolution" by "changing the way we do business in Richmond." Read entire article.

A land deed Fauquier County VA is actually the first recorded history of the Dennison family passing land from one generation to another (1802) even though my ancestors had been in America since colonial times. I must admit linking to a Fauquier Times-Democrat story gives me a kick.

"Gov. Warner: The man who could be president" by George Rowand and Michael Rowand in the Fauquier Times-Democrat adds a personal touch to the mix of stories.

When Mark Warner was campaigning for governor five years ago, he made a habit of not saying what he would do if he were elected. It probably was the businessman in him -- he always said, "If the people of Virginia hire me for this job ..."

Now, with his time as governor coming to an end, he can look back on a successful term of office. Read entire article.


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