Monday, January 23, 2006

Warner Has Work to do in Iowa

The Fix has an interview with Jeff Link, an Iowa political operative. He makes some good observations on the Iowa caucus in general. He then dives into a good discussion on the 2008 possible candidates including Warner.

"The no. 1 question in Iowa is whether Vilsack is going to get a campaign off the ground and be a candidate," said Link. "People want to know what he is going to do before they get past 'hello' with these other candidates." Most Iowa Democrats are excited about the possibility of Vilsack in the presidential mix but aren't optimistic about his chances. "People are reluctant about Vilsack because they don't think we can elect an Iowan president," Link said.

Link believes that the other potential 2008 candidates can't wait for Vilsack to make up his mind. They need to make several pilgrimages to the state over the next year to begin the "introductory phase" of the courting process, he said.

Take former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner for example. While Warner is riding high among the chattering class and the national media, he is still unknown among Hawkeye State Democratic voters who "don't know the Mark Warner story," said Link.

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, on the other hand, has made a strong first impression in Iowa, a near-necessity for the Midwestern senator who needs to make a splash in the caucuses to have a real chance in 2008. Link said one of Bayh's most deft moves in Iowa came during a recent visit when he praised Vilsack and referred to them as "brothers." Read more:

Warner is going to do well in the mid-west, but is going to need to get busy in 2006. I don't see Bayh as a real threat to Warner, but Warner does need to start working the Chicago money scene. If noting else he should "dry" up a large source of capital for Bayh.


At 9:07 AM, Blogger HillarySupporter said...

you left off that part about how iowans are all waiting for hillary


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