Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's the Future, Stupid

Eric Davis made the following post to the Forward Together blog. I thought it was very good especially the Obama piece.

Note he is responding to someone suggesting a Warner-Clark ticket. Re-posting here for him:

Right answer, wrong answer

I second the LOL about the idea that Sen. Kerry would get close to the nomination. No means no. The country has taken a close look at him and enough of them simply didn't like him enough such that they held their noses and voted for He Who Should Be Impeached instead. But the Warner/Clark idea has no legs. Gov. Warner, a red state, pro-gun rights NASCAR junkie who governed as a moderate, will already bring in 80-90% of the people that Clark would appeal to. Clark will, however, make an OUTSTANDING Secretary of Defense in the Warner Administration, and I would think that Gov. Warner should announce him as such once he gets the nomination.

The race in the 2008 primaries is to see whose name will be in front of Barack Obama's on the bumper sticker. For my vote, go to The reality is, with Sen. Obama on the ticket we will get a vigorous 100% of the African-American vote (unless of course they put Sec. Rice on the ticket, which the racist wing of their party won't allow), we plug the leak with the Latino vote, not to mention allowing Warner to stay moderate/centrist rather than having to appease the left. Plus, Warner-Obama is upbeat and all about the future. Two living American success stories v. either a too-old war hero from the past whose dad was an Admiral (McCain, but it won't be him) or Allen (a silver spoon Reagan wannabe who might in fact be nuttier than Bush).

Americans are tired of feeling bad about themselves and Warner-Obama lets them feel good about the future. Plus, as an ambassador to this movement from the proud-to-be left - and Jerome knows this- I can tell you there are legions of experienced progressive organizers who would walk on their knees through broken glass for a ticket with Barack Obama on it.


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