Friday, January 13, 2006

Gov. Warner's Farewell Address

Washington Post has an article on Warner's farewell speech.

"Virginians have told me three things," Warner said. "That results matter, that they're proud of the direction we're going, and a third thing: You know, they really appreciate it when we work out our differences and work together to get things done."

The businessman-turned-politician, who can still be called "His Excellency" for a few more days, said lawmakers in both parties deserve to share the credit for an improving state economy, higher student test scores, more jobs, stronger colleges and a more efficient state government. But Warner said he is proudest of "something that can't be measured" and praised "a cooperative spirit that, actually, no balance sheet shows." Referring to bipartisan efforts to pass legislation, he said the public believes "we changed the tone in Richmond." Read the entire article.

Sadly if you read down into the rest of the article it looks like the tone in Richmond is changing back. There is something to be said for strong personalities.


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