Thursday, January 12, 2006

FP on Blogs

Seems Joe Johaneman has made his choice for President over at Blogcritic. There is a healthly discussion going in the blogs comments from supporters of other Presidential candidates who have "Warner" envy. lol

Finally, there's Mark Warner (Governor, Virginia). Warner seems to be the best choice for the Democrats in 2008. He's certainly one of the most popular governors Virginia has ever had, with approval ratings near 75%, and this is in a state that is primarily Republican. He has broad appeal, and is popular with Independents and moderate Republicans. Like Easley, he isn't well known at the national level, but he is known by Democratic political insiders, thus making it possible for him to raise a substantial amount of money to support a campaign. He has been criticized for being too low-key, but this is simply a result of him choosing his battles carefully.

And so, as 2008 slowly approaches, here is a potential map for the Democrats: nominate Warner and throw every dollar available into his campaign. He may very well be the best candidate for the Democratic Party, and for the nation. Read more.

Reading in the comments, it really kills me that many Democrats (mainly Biden supporters) still think you need foreign policy experience to convince the American people to TRUST you on foreign policy. The reality is actually, the more FP experience you have, the longer your record, the more the Republicans have to pick it apart. The American people don't want the Harvard Professor with 10 honorary degrees to run the White House's foreign policy. Their wishes are more simply stated, they want someone who they "trust to do the right thing."

But to call Warner an international Neophyte is downright silly. He is the only Democrat in the field who has CREATED an international Fortune 500 company, Nextel. Last time I heard Walmart was the eight largest economy in the world. We had better start leaving the simple national paradigm of the neo-cons behind, and start thinking of the world of ethnic and religious groups, cultures, corporations, and NGOs in competition with traditional states. Who is better suited to lead us into that future than Warner?

I'd take an entrepreneur over a verbose Senator any day in trying to gain America's trust on any issue. Give me the guy who grew up middle class, went to public schools and made a million. Now that is the American dream!


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