Wednesday, January 25, 2006

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll

Sigh, I would rather give Warner commentary, but since he is off in Europe meeting with Tony Blair there isn't much to talk about. So I am happy a supporter of Hillary has joined the discussion on the blog. One of the best things about Warner being an unknown is lack of baggage, and ability to appeal to a wide range of people. However irrationally, there is significant portion of voters who under no circumstances will consider Hillary no matter how great her policies.

Released today a CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll (Jan 20-22) asked register voters about their support for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2008.

Definitely vote for 16%

Might consider voting for 32%

Definitely not vote for 51%

No opinion 1%

I like Hillary and like her policies, but Democrats are inherently disadvantaged by the Electoral College and our minority Party status in Presidential race. We can't afford to have baggage too.


At 7:35 PM, Blogger HillarySupporter said...

I love how this site is just about Hillary and Mark Warner - only thing is no one cares enough to do a poll on Mark Warner except Larry Sabato. This poll won't matter until after the primary. So why don't you focus on getting your boy past that point. Also the Draft Warner supporters can't stop talking about Hillary either. We love the attention! I agree Chris Lehane wants a job by the way. I hope he gets it. And whoever that other person is on this site saying she can't imagine what a Hillary campaign would be like - you clearly haven't seen the kind of campaign the Clintons run. It hasn't changed. Bill Clinton is still very much in the picture. And they still very much kick ass. Another Republican announced today he wouldnt run against Hillary. How come Rick Lazio was able to raise 40 million in weeks in 2000 but they cannot find a single Republican to raise anything anymore? National Republicans will not support the anti-Hillary candidate. That sends an interesting statement. Don't you think?

At 11:17 PM, Blogger Nuada79 said...

"Whoever that other person is"???

No need to be rude. Besides, the blog does not allow anonymous comments. My Handle is just as visible as yours.

I understand why some look at the Clintons like heroes, Bill was the first Dem President to get re-elected since 1944. But they are not all-powerful, unless of course you think they wanted Gore and Kerry to lose their respective races.

Once more, Hillary is running for re-election in a blue state. So she should sleepwalk to the win. What local GOP pol wants to crushed by her? For what reason? 2000 was different. NY was less blue then and no one knew if Hillary could run even a half-decent campaign. But her success in NY means little in purple or red states.

I mentioned that I'm originally from MA. Kerry ran unopposed for his senate seat in '02 and Teddy ran against a guy in 2000 that was so pathetic, the weak state GOP cut off all ties with him.

But of course the national GOP not supporting an opponent for her in NY sends a statement. The statement is, "Run in '08!" Turd Blossom himself is praying nightly for Hillary to run in '08. The GOP thinks they can slaughter Hillary. Given the right candidate, like a John McCain, I think they are right.

By no means do I hate Mrs. Clinton. And if I am still here in Iowa in '08, I look forward to meeting her. I hear she is quite charming in person.

I said that I do not like her and that is true. But that is only because I think she can not win, but will probably run and has the best chance to get the nomination.

Then George Allen or John McCain gets a landslide victory. Then Justice Stevens, (who should be about 90 years old by 2009), dies. The new GOP Pres puts another Alito or Scalia on the court and the radical right gets a 5-4 advance. How would you like to live in that America? How do we ever get in the White House then?

The problem is Hillary is not her husband. While all pols are charismatic, Bill had a lot more than his wife does know. Plus he had red state credibility. Plus and excuse me if this sounds sexist but unfortunately I still think it matters to many Americans, Bill is a man.

I don't even know where Hillary stands on some of the issues. Most of the Dems in congress have been lacking in spines since 9/11. But I don't think it matters what her views are if she can't win. I don't need my candidate to agree with me on every issue, just most of them. I do need my candidate to have a chance of winning though.

I said it before, I'm no Mark Warner groupie. But Warner and Indiana senator Evan Byah seem to be the only Dems that are (maybe) running and that could pick up red states. And we need to start picking up red states.

That is the $64,000 question. What states can Hillary turn blue???

At 11:21 AM, Blogger HillarySupporter said...

I think Hillary could win both Florida and Ohio. If she does she becomes President. You can't possibly think she is going to lose any of the states Kerry won. I think she could also pick up a couple like Ohio (who's governor is going down big time) and another state such as New Mexico that Kerrry should have won.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger HillarySupporter said...

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At 2:07 PM, Blogger Nuada79 said...

Hillary lose a blue state of Kerry's? Maybe New Hampshire. But that simply illustrates the sorry state of the Democratic Party. As far as the electoral college goes, we have nowhere to go but up.

Hillary win in Ohio or Florida? I won't say that is an impossibility, I think it's unlikely.

I just can't see how Hillary can win a state that Kerry or Gore couldn't win.....if the GOP put up a strong candidate. It's the crux of my opposition to her candidacy.

But the Ohio-Florida answer you gave speaks to exactly what Mark Warner warns against. I believe he called it the "19 state strategy". If we Democrats want to be a national party again, we need to stop with the PA-FA-OH blueprint. (Excuse the pun.)

The GOP don't plan elections by getting their red states from the last election, concentrating on two swing states. Check it out, how many red states went red by a few percentage points? Here in Iowa, we went red by the slimmest of margins, after being blue in 2000 and 1996 and 1992! Should the Dems write off IA, with one Democratic senator and a wildly popular 3-term Democratic Governor?


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