Sunday, December 11, 2005

Warner's Easy Popularity

Warner has come from nowhere in a matter of weeks to one of the frontrunners. When this blog started, Warner was a statistical footnote on presidential polls.

I don't believe most Democrats who are hearing about Warner know very much about him at all. What I do believe Warner's rise clearly shows is that the Democratic base is not going to be told, "Hillary is your nominee." I think we are in a pretty rebellious mood right now both lefties and centrists.

The truth is Feingold / Edwards / Gore will probably be the next "Presidential flavor-of-the-month" after the left finds a candidate to love. But the result is Warner continues to solidified himself as the centrist candidate making it very hard for Vilsack, Bayh and Clark to emerge. Plus Warner is expanding his base by locking down the South in his camp (see recent visits to FL and SC).

If the press gets a tantilizing three way, the other candidates are probably out in the cold.


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