Saturday, December 10, 2005

Warner in the Blogosphere

On Vintage blog the "Case Against Hillary" and essentially the case for Warner.

Warner is a Democrat with pride and power. Warner is a Democrat who can win, should win, and very well could win, the presidency in 2008. Warner has the appeal of being a successful moderate liberal in a conservative state. He has “real guy” appeal and a sense of humor. This country needs a president who represents his party’s true values, rather than runs from them, and who connects with America’s majority--the middle class. Mark Warner is that guy; Hillary Clinton is not even close.
Warner's in the Money from the Last Polka blogspot...

There is a lot of buzz about this guy - my general feeling is he is for real. I've noted before how I feel about a Warner campaign. He's got everything the Democrats have been lacking in the last 2 elections. Everywhere he's gone since his Lt. Gov. got elected to be his successor, Warner has been received very well. Democrats and activists in important primary states are getting excited about this guy. Again, I say...Watch out Hillary (and any other ambitious Dems).
The Next Prez has the buzz on Presidential rankings.

1. Hillary Clinton (steady) -- The New York senator remains the clear front runner for the Democratic nomination by a wide margin in national and state-specific polls, but has generated little enthusiasm on the Internet so far. 2. Mark Warner (rising) -- The soon-to-be former Virginia governor is barely starting to register in Democratic preference polls nationally, but blockbuster fundraising events in Virginia and South Carolina show that he will be a serious contender by 2008.

Although I was not aware Warner held a fundraiser in South Carolina. He just attended a Democratic dinner there.


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