Monday, December 12, 2005

Warner in the Blogosphere & Media

There is rather lengthy and "spicy" debate going on over at the Drudge Retort about Mark Warner. Join in the fun here.

In case you missed it, Daily Kos calls Warner the candidate to watch. Yup, I think we got it covered.

I don't see it, but the guy over at Oval Office 08 in the post seems to think Evan Bayh and Mark Warner are interchangable candidates for President. Ick, Bayh excites me as much as helping my wife (a teacher) grade her school papers.

The Penndit runs down Warner news articles over the last couple weeks. While most have already been featured on this blog or in the sidebar roll of articles, he has brief descriptions to help you sort through what you want to see.

The RCP blog has a comprehensive entry on Vilsack, Edwards and Warner's Florida visit. Best detail I have seen yet. St. Petersburgh Times with more here.

Time Magazine Mike Allen made the following statement on Meet the Press yesterday:

Democrats are trying to find someone to respond to the State of the Union address. A lot of people obviously wanted Congressman Murtha. Democrats have decided that he can't because he doesn't speak to everyone. So now I would look for a new face, like Governor-elect Tim Kaine of Virginia to give that response.

Raising Kaine has a good suggestion if not Kaine... How about Warner? Oh, I can just see the sleepless nights for about six Senators named Clinton, Kerry, Bayh, Biden, Feingold and Edwards. How dare the DNC let this governor with no Washington experience speak for Democrats?

Capital Sunday 7 interviewed Gov. Warner. Video here.


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