Friday, December 02, 2005

Warner Bio Response to Mathew Gross

Eric currently having trouble posting, but sent me his response to a blog from Mathew Gross.

Gross contends that great Southern hope Warner has already "crashed and burned" his shot in the Democratic primary based on his Iraq positioning. Read more:

Eric Davis responds:

Your comment that some have adopted Warner early (as I have) based on his biography is right and yet it misses an important point. I plead guilty to having taken a serious look at Warner because of his bio. And yet, I then STAYED with him because of his bio. THEN, I have (since) had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from him, and I'm hooked. Now mind you, I was a Dean Meetup Host in April of 2003, and on the surface there was only a few superficial similarities (governor, balanced budgets, Net savvy).

The thing is, Warner's story is a large part of why he's the right choice for America. In addition to his personal qualities and the quality of his ideas and direction (a bit on this below), his story is an important reason. It's the key to why.

This sounds corny, but such things often resonate more in Middle America than some on the left (I call us "people who read") are comfortable with. But it's true. Mark Warner is the kind of person a lot of parents hope their kid will grow up to be. The first in his family to graduate from college, he then went to Harvard Law. After a stint at the DNC, he took a few flyers on business. The first failed after six weeks, the second after six months.

The third was Nextel. Money beyond all reason, followed by more from capital investments.

What did he do? After contributing all he could he signed on and ran Doug Wilder's campaign, getting the first black Governor of Virginia elected. A bit after that, he took on fossilized conservative John Warner for Senate - and did NOT get crushed but made a very respectable show in a very Red state. He also self-funded a healthcare initiative and a rural broadband program. Then he ran and won for Governor. He took a $6 bil deficit and made it a $500 mil surplus - but getting both sides to agree to cutting everything but education before resorting to a tax increase that over 20 R's in the VA legislature voted for along with the D's. Along the way, he passed landmark legislation protecting the Chesapeake Bay and got VA to where Governing magazine ranked it the best managed state in the US.

First in college, then Harvard. Self-made zillionaire who turned to elect Doug Wilder and then into public service himself. A proven Governor who is WILDLY popular in VA.

And have to hear him. His character comes through. Easygoing, has a good sense of humor. And big ideas. Large ones. Understands the potential of tech and education to tranform us - knows its the key to a stable future. Pro-choice - I heard him say it six times. Like Dean, he has a ruralist's policy on guns; but also like Dean is up front about it, doesn't Bayh/Biden/Kerry it.

Knows that the way out is not to focus on left or right but on future or past. Knows that Americans are ready for some good news, that we need to feel that there is hope for the future, that there is a way out of the Bush catastrophe. Knows how to make government work. Is a leader. Can't be bought. Gets both "bubba" and the blogosphere.

The right guy at the right time with the right credentials and the right character. Mark Warner is about renewing the promise that is America.


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