Monday, December 19, 2005

Sexual Orientation in the Workplace

Governor Mark R. Warner is trying to amend the equal opportunity policy of the Commonwealth to prohibit workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. I'm sure there will be the usual criticism that here is another politician "changing course" to pander to his base. Well, anticipating this type of unfair criticism, Eddie over at the Draft Mark Warner blog does a good job of listing Warner’s historical efforts to support his GLBT constituents. Read Eddie's blog entry.


Conaway Haskins on the blog Think South gives greater detail into how Warner is trying to accomplish inserting this provision into state law and it is brilliant! Essentially he is turning the tables on the GOP, putting them over a barrel and making them feel the pain for being divisive.

There are too many politicians in Democratic safe seats who blow hot air on social issues, but never are able to actually accomplish anything tangible. They always have "the other" party to blame for their failure. I find it refreshing that Warner instead of just blowing hot air on gay rights (not followed by results) he found a way to insert a crack in the wall of Virginia social conservatives. Results not decibel level should matter...

Conaway Haskins ends with the following observation and lets hope it is true:

If the provision holds, it could signal a shift in the politics of gay rights in Virginia, a cradle of Christian conservatism and home to giants of the Right, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.


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