Monday, December 19, 2005

Larry Sabato to Host own Show on MSNBC?

Well if Howard Fineman's Newsweek article is right, MSNBC might just want to offer the Virginia professor his own show. Fineman pens an article titled "The Virginians" starring none other than Gov. Mark Warner and Sen. George Allen. In a theme that we are sure to hear in 2008 many times, the possibility of an intra-commonwealth rivalry between the Virginia titans has political pundits licking their chops.

As young men in law school in the 1970s, neither Mark Warner nor George Allen set the legal world on fire. At Harvard, Warner founded a group called the Somerville Bar Review—that's "bar" as in drinking studies, not professional ones. "I was the only guy I knew who didn't get law-firm offers after summer internships," he says.

At the University of Virginia, Allen lived in a cabin on the mountaintop next to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. But the scenery did more to inspire a passion for deer hunting than textbook reading; his mud-spattered truck was a rare sight in the law-school parking lot. "I probably didn't fit in real well," he says. See more:


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