Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Exchange with Blue Dog

Below is part of an exchange I am having with Blue Dog over at his site. He poses the following questions.

Steven Sisson said... Daniel, where does VA Governor Mark Warner rate as far as name recognition with other national Democrats in the state of Illinois? And has our Governor scheduled an appearance in the Mid-Eastern region with the Democratic establishment?

Other than Governor Warner's popularity with pro-choice VA Democrats, what has Warner legislated or accomplished during his tenure as Governor to earn him the title of a "social moderate" concerning his appeal in suburban areas nationwide?

Is Mark Warner considered a fiscal conservative, or a 'tax & spend' liberal Democrat?
~ the blue dog

Later this week, the Blue's Blogisphere will be adding the Warner Watch blog.
My response as follows:

Daniel Dennison said... I saw him in downtown Chicago in a small group luncheon about two weeks before the Kaine victory. Since then he has gained significant name recognition... I have offered to host young professional event for him here, and have no doubt I can pack the place (due to his popularity).

To your question "Is Mark Warner considered a fiscal conservative, or a 'tax & spend' liberal Democrat?" I think both Warner and his opponents have the opportunity to define him as either. Right now within the Democratic community, he is viewed as a fiscal conservative, and known to have cut spending in Virginia, but roundly cheered for tax reform.

To your question of "social moderate," the standard is different than that of a social conservative or liberal. Those are both terms defined by "action" while social moderation is defined by being savvy enough to nagivate around the landmines of the culture "wars."


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