Sunday, December 11, 2005

Eleanor Clift Newsweek Blog: Clinton vs. Warner

I blogged a couple of weeks ago that I was increasing becoming uncomfortable that Warner has pushed to the forefront of the pack too early and relatively effortlessly. No doubt, he is now considered a front-runner. But I'll be honest, I don't like the Hillary-Warner match-ups this early. First, I am not convinced Hillary is even going to run. She might be using the speculation to build up a huge Senate war chest to help her push into Senate leadership. Second, the frontrunner always has a sore tail by the time the first caucus comes around. It would be better if Hillary or even the liberal candidate Feingold / Gore were front-runners until the primary season rolls around. Then Democratic voters usually leave their "flirtations" for someone electable like Warner.

But we have to have the horserace, what else would I blog about? In the new, but rapidly growing genre of Clinton vs. Warner writers, please let me introduce Eleanor Clift. In her Newsweek web only content, she pretty much trashes Hillary. Please Eleanor enough! We need Hillary around for another year and half...

It’s not just the left-right thing that could slow Hillary’s march to the nomination. It’s the transparency of what she’s doing that has even her biggest fans worried. It doesn’t look authentic. If primary voters conclude they need a Red State friendly candidate, Virginia Gov. Mark Warner is the real thing. Why settle for Red State-lite Hillary? Warner is already where he needs to be on the right, and he’s inching to the left, an easier task all around.

If there’s a formula for electing a Democrat president, Warner is the latest iteration. Like Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, he’s a son of the South, although by way of Indiana, Illinois and Connecticut. Warner was not born in Virginia, but his cultural adaptation has been flawless. It must drive Hillary bats to watch Warner glide seamlessly left while her lurches to the right are cast as opportunism.

His challenge is to demonstrate expertise in national security, which he doesn’t have. Democrats want to win, and they’ll abandon Hillary in a New York minute if they think there’s a new more competitive model coming on line. See entire article:


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