Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DemIowa Blogger? Outreach?

A blogger at (presumably from Iowa) is asking if Iowans want to meet Gov. Warner.

Interested in meeting Gov. WarnerOr better yet, interested in possibly hosting Gov. Warner? He is planning on making a foray into Iowa in Jan/Feb and is looking for possible hosts. My understanding is the only requirements is it be open to the public and this time of year be able to host 20-30 people if lucky. (The closer to caucus the bigger the expected turn out.) If you, or anyone you know, might be interested just leave an email address or other contact information and I will forward it on.

I saw this post yesterday, but the site looked a little sketchy becuase there are only three months of sporatic posts.

The Hotline seems to think it is for real.

Not a surprise: VA Gov. Mark Warner is set to make his first stop in Iowa in either Jan. or Feb, and his Forward Together PAC is scouting out possibilities. With superblogger Jerome Armstrong on staff, natch, they're looking to bloggers for assistance.

Hmmm... I am very skeptical that this is an systematic attempt by the Warner PAC to reach out to Iowa through a concerted effort focused on Iowa bloggers. This is much to do about nothing.

As an Iowa caucus veteran, bypassing usual rounds of the "make-or-break" caucus organizers to meet first with bloggers in the state would be suicidal. In Iowa there are three factors to winning, organization, organization and organization. It is not a primary, where people walk into a voting booth anonymously and leave within fifteen minutes. Iowa caucus goers have to venture forth into the miserable cold, and endure two to three hours of speeches and haggling before they are allowed to leave. Only local political organizers have the ability to deliver enough people to make the difference from precinct to precinct, and they know it. They expect a certain amount of personal attention from the candidate, and certainly expect the proper protocol that when the candidate first comes into town, they are invited to host/attend.

I was one of the Whouley's 500 and witness to the planned massacre Kerry laid for Dean in the last two weeks of election in 2004. No other candidate was even close to Kerry in organization.

With that said about staying away from the unique animal that is Iowa (and I assume NH too), I think it would be great for Warner to start doing a "tour" of the liberal blogosphere and meeting with grassroots groups. He should go hit the big urban areas (NY, LA, Chicago, etc) to help him start building an Internet base. These areas will return Warner's money ten-fold down the stretch and help build his name recognition.


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