Friday, December 16, 2005

Biblical Bumper Stickers for 2008

When I saw Gov. Warner in Chicago, he told a humorous story about a bumper sticker the campaign printed for his Senate campaign against Sen. John Warner. The bumper sticker simply read:

Mark, Not John

Mark and a staffer were driving around Danville, Virginia. Another car stopped beside the Senate candidate at a red light, motioned to roll down the window and asked, “Mark, not John? What is that some sort of biblical reference?”

At Warner Watch, I am all about having empathy. You know what, I feel bad that other Presidential 2008 candidates don’t have as great a bumper sticker story to tell. So I have done some research, and pulled out some potential “bumper stickers” for the other candidates to use. Here goes:

Thy Holy Hill – (Psalm 43)

John from Heaven or from Men?
– (Mark Chapter 11)

The Lord has Bidden – (Joshua Chapter 8)


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