Monday, December 12, 2005

Behold the NY Times Awakens

Maybe the New York Times has avoided covering Warner's meteoric rise in the last three weeks due to deference for the "hometown" gal Hillary, maybe not but for whatever reason the Warner coverage drought has ended... Published today, an article reviewed Warner's last few weeks while containing enough prefunctory Hillary ass-kissing presumably to let the Big Apple know their Senator was still the "top dog" in the race.

"Clearly, Hillary Clinton is the first among equals," said Don Fowler of South Carolina, a former Democratic National Committee chairman. "But clearly, Warner is now among the people you have to take seriously."

"I don't think 'front-runner' is too strong a word in describing her," said Mr. Fowler, the former Democratic chairman, referring to polls showing that Mrs. Clinton enjoys greater support among Democrats than anyone else mentioned as a possible presidential contender in the party.

The article did point out the strength Warner has: he isn't Hillary, and he has no baggage.

Still, some strategists maintain that Governor Warner may benefit from the fact that he is an unknown quantity. It provides him with the opportunity to fill in the blanks, these strategists say, as he introduces himself to party regulars, whereas Mrs. Clinton is already considered a polarizing figure.

As Mr. Fowler put it, Mr. Warner has "no known negatives" at this point. "He has an opportunity to write on a clean slate," Mr. Fowler said. Read the entire article:


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