Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why the Warner Watch?

Admission #1: I am a progressive living in Illinois who until 5 years ago had always lived in a red state, and I like Mark Warner.

If Mark Warner can avoid stupidity of the Daily Kos/DLC feud, I believe he can appeal to a broad range of Democrats and unite our party. Equally I believe he has proven with his common sense non-ideological leadership in Virginia that he can unite a large coalition of the American people to not just win a general election, but heal the country. Am I giving him to much credit for a one-term relatively unknown governor or setting the expectations too high? Maybe, but the potential is there.

And that is what I plan to watch and post about, the nascent Warner campaign for President, as it searches for message, appeal and a chance to be part of the 2008 public debate. I am expecting it to be a fun ride.


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