Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Warner's Blog is up!

Lots of discussion going on the blog at Warner’s website. Go check it out. The following is my response to someone who disagreed with Eric’s challenge to the use of the term “sensible center.”

Here is my reply to Sensible Center

Here is what I don't understand about as charged a term as sensible center. I firmly believe Warner has the common sense pragmatism to heal our country, but unless he heals the Democratic Party first he isn't going to get that shot.

The Sensible Center theme plays up the conflict between the DLC and "Daily Kos" wings of the Democratic Party. And it isn't reconcilable with the Governor's statement above.

I am a progressive who believes other progressive will be pragmatic and if given the opportunity to support a centrist will do so, as long as it isn't thrown in their face. They are angry, but they want to win. Mark Warner cannot be president without peeling off a percentage of progressives in the Democratic primary.Centrists have been criticized (some wrongly, some not) for not standing for anything. This is why I believe a centrist like Mark Warner can appeal to enough progressives to heal the party. The rest of the post is here.


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