Friday, November 11, 2005

The Start of Something Big

As the momentum and support builds for a presidential run by Gov. Warner, the nation's major political writers are quickly realizing that they're going to have to get serious about a Warner candidacy. The Washington Post gives the Conventional Wisdom crowd its entree to the situation with this article

including a Who's In account of some of the major players who are already moving toward Gov. Warner or are already on board. It's kind of an Inside Baseball account because many of the people are relatively unknown outside the DC cocktail party circuit.

But for those who remember the adrenaline rush when, for example, Gov. Howard Dean's campaign suddenly got very real, when he went from an asterisk to someone who could no longer be ignored, this is all "very deja vu all over again."

Future historians may mark down Tuesday, November 8, 2005 as the de facto beginning of President Warner's charge to the White House.

OH - and make sure to join the Draft Mark Warner Yahoo Group, to keep up with national organizing efforts - or to become a leader in the volunteer movement for Gov. Warner in your state!

Eric Davis


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