Friday, November 18, 2005

Speech at Harvard

An alumnus of the law school, Warner recently visited Harvard to speak to the College Democrats. His former campaign manager, Steve Jarding, also just happens to be a professor there.

Several blogs picked up the response; Forward Together, Progressive Progress, Harvard Democrats Blog and the school paper, The Crimson.

One poster on FT mentions Warner's supposed lack of speaking skills in order to dismiss them.

I know it is fashionable to bash Kerry and mock his Senatorial delivery, but I witnessed him speak to small groups in Iowa several dozen times. Most people never had the chance to see it, but Kerry was very, very good in the small group settings.

I was recently similarly impressed with Warner, as he comes across at the “gut level” as truly genuine with your best interests at heart. These are “golden” characteristics for a politician. He will do very well in an Iowa town hall meeting.

His only issue might be similar to Kerry’s in that "how do you transfer the small group dynamism to media forms?" This is still an open question...


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