Monday, November 21, 2005

So Far, No Shortage of Warner News

Still a lot of buzz about Warner giving me the opportunity to blog every day. Most of it coming out now is just resuscitations of Warner's bio with the same "Messianic" theme.

Here is another introductory article with very little new from New Jersey's Star Ledger. Of note is the newly "stock" quote of how Warner is good with small groups, but still needs work on the speaking front. I still don't think this works against Warner. In Iowa and New Hampshire, you become the front-runner by how good you are at retail politics. Even with the possible inclusion of two more caucuses before New Hampshire's primary, I am not sure the dynamic changes.
On a personal level, in small groups, Warner is effective. He looks a questioner in the eye. And his answers, while doubtless well-researched, seem conversational, not pulled from a pre-programmed list of stock replies. Loose-limbed and lanky, Warner seems comfortable with himself and his role as the big winner in this year's elections, and at ease with others.

But for all his success in Virginia -- a 74-percent approval rating, highest ever for an end-of-term governor in the Mason-Dixon Poll, and a Best Governed State accolade from Governing Magazine -- Warner needs to sharpen his skills if he's going to make a showing nationally, says Sabato. "He wasn't a good speaker as a candidate in 2001, but he's getting better."

Also another Washington Post article focusing on his New Hampshire trip.


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