Sunday, November 20, 2005

Robert Parker Gives Warner a 97

When living in Northern Virginia, I looked forward to every spring and summer to the Virginia wine festivals. Typically held in some expansive field in Loudoun County near horse country, picnic lunches were the norm. Nothing was better (except the mid-Atlantic beer festival) for pure fun with friends. Virginia has a rich wine-making tradition. Even ole Thomas Jefferson in his “Notes on the State of Virginia” compares Virginia wine to French, favorably of course.

So Washington Whispers now writes Warner owns a vineyard… Now I am Impressed! Who knew?

At his farm, Warner grows 15 acres of grapes for nearby Ingleside Vineyards. They use the grapes in Ingleside wines and bottle a private Rappahannock Bend label that Warner offers at charity auctions. "The wines are very good," cheers owner Douglas Flemer, who also manages Warner's vineyard. He says Warner's wine roots could help in 2008. "The fact that he can say he's a grape grower," says Flemer, "could help in places like California." But Warner's team urges that we not take the Jeffersonian winemaker turned president comparison too seriously. "The governor jokes," says aide Ellen Qualls, "that the wine is good for charity auctions, not for drinking."
Governor, how about a bottle next time you are in Chicago?

Also the Washington Post covers Warner’s travels in New Hampshire. Also there is an interesting interview with NH television.


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