Monday, November 14, 2005

Rahm Emanuel takes up Warner like Themes

DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel is taking up the "Big Idea" theme that has become so familiar in Warner's stump speech. Emanuel specific "five ideas" in this Time magazine article are very similar to the "imagination capturing" solutions Warner gave when he visited Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Wonder if they are reading from the same playbook?

Congressman Rahm Emanuel of Illinois had a nice moment on Meet the Press about a month ago. He said Democrats would run on their "ideas" in the 2006 congressional elections. "But what are the Democratic ideas?" moderator Tim Russert asked skeptically. Emanuel proceeded to rattle off five big ones, which seemed to shock Congressman Tom Reynolds of New York, his Republican debate opponent. "Those are the first solutions that have come out of (any Democrat's) mouth," Reynolds said.

And the five ideas? education, research & development, energy independence, healthcare, and talk on budget that sounds a lot like what Warner accomplished in Virginia. Specifics of the five ideas here.


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