Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another Positive Article About Warner

More publicity for Warner… However, I am increasing become leery that this early publicity may not be good in the long-term.

I have concerns that his message is not currently ready for prime time and still being developed. I have concerns that he is going to be pigeon holed into a DLC mold, when he has much more potential. Lastly, I worry once he starts showing up in %'s for Presidential polling, he may get to comfortable with the traditional campaign and not be as willing to take risks. On the flip side, since he will not be Governor in a few months, hopefully he will be on the road extensively to meet people.

However, to those who would argue Warner's coattails did not play a primary reason for Kaine's victory, I will let Kaine's supporters speak for me in this Bloomberg article.

Warner, who got an 80 percent approval rating from Virginia voters in an October Washington Post poll, appeared in television ads and at rallies across the state and helped to raise money for Kaine, his 47-year-old deputy.

Behind the gubernatorial battle between Kaine and Republican Jerry Kilgore, Virginia's former attorney general, were Warner and U.S. Senator George Allen, a Republican and former governor who is also is among his party's potential 2008 presidential candidates. Both men put their political capital on the line. "Governor Warner really gambled everything,''

Brians said. "He was the point man on Tim Kaine's campaign.'' Kaine tied himself as much as possible to Warner, referring to the "Warner-Kaine'' administration, even though the two didn't run as a ticket in 2001.

Kaine supporters didn't waste time at his victory party in Richmond Tuesday night broadcasting what they think the election means.

"I'm looking forward to standing with you at your next victory party,'' Kaine told Warner as the crowd chanted "08, 08, 08.''


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